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What Is Counselling ? 

Counselling is an opportunity for a person to discuss and explore their concerns with an independent professional who is trained to listen and to help them sort through their problems.

Counselling is by no means magic, but it can offer the means to identify solutions to problems, to confide in someone when it is hard to find others in their life who can understand.

“Whatever your business – industrial, commercial or local government – you and your staff are under attack from stress!”

Learning Workshops
bdma Occupational Counsellors offer a range of workshops, from a single days training to an extended period of study. courses are available at the place of work or can be arranged at convenient locations to suit the needs of the workforce.

All trainers are experts in their field, utilising the latest techniques and advances in assisting the student to progress. at the present time, the University of Birmingham is mapping the contents of the bdma learning units with a view to accreditation, thereby allowing all course attendees the opportunity to acquire credits towards qualifications.

bdma will be one of the first independent training organisations to be accredited under the British Government’s “lifelong learning” programme.
“At Wedgwood we understand clearly what helps, above all else, to deliver our business goals and understanding the part they each have to play in our success. we are industry leaders in meeting our consumers’ needs through quality products at the right price, underpinned with first-class service. we realise that negative stress is a powerful impediment to progress, both for the company and the individual. with bdma we work to raise awareness of the subject and to invest in our employees’ welfare. I am convinced this is good business practice.”

Brian Patterson, CEO, Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd.